A Sanctuary from the Noise

Experts working on your behalf

Paid only by you, to serve only you.

Welcome to Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC

You have a right to engage a trusted advisor, directly and completely independent of any financial services company.  In a world where conflicts of interest, poor strategies, and thousands of products abound, your family’s interests can be best served by such an advocate.
You deserve a sanctuary from the noise.  In a world where the 24/7 media spews a deluge of information about the chaotic economic, financial, and political environments, you are more likely to make sound decisions about your money in a setting of calm and reason.
You need experts.   In a world where personal financial issues become increasingly complex, we can help discern the true from the false, the practical from the useless, the probable from the merely possible, and the applicable from the merely interesting.  Your family’s unique circumstances can be better served with such expertise.
We are independent fiduciaries. We work for no one but our clients, and our legal obligations are to our clients’ interests first and foremost. We never take off our fiduciary “hats” to become sales people.
We are investors, not speculators. We manage our clients' investment portfolios but we do not “play the market,” try to time the market or otherwise gamble with our client’s money.
We are realistic. We do not believe in following investment gurus. We consider the mainstream financial media as mostly a source of entertainment and not a meaningful aid to sound decision-making.

When we say “we work for you”, it is not a marketing slogan. It is a literal fact.

We are paid only by our clients to perform our duties as fiduciaries. There are no sales incentives, contests, kickbacks, or any other third-party compensation. We are compensated based upon how your portfolio performs, and are not paid based on transactions. We are not restricted to a list of products selected by an employer, such as a bank, insurance company or brokerage firm. This maximizes our objectivity. You should never wonder if what we recommend is in your best interest or ours. We get paid only for as long as you want us to advise you. Our fees are fully disclosed. In each quarterly report, you will receive a fee calculation, so you know exactly what you are paying us. We seek to minimize all of your other costs whenever it is advisable and possible to do so.

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